What is poly garden furniture?

What is poly garden furniture?

Poly also called polywood,poly-lumber,pollywood.
Poly garden furniture is a classic within garden furniture and has been for years.Many people believe that poly furniture is the best solution for patio spaces. poly garden furniture is made from durable polywood and has all the comfort and beautiful essential to creating a comfortable and inviting spot in the patio or backyard.

The advantage of poly garden furniture:

1, it looks exactly like natural wood.

2, Available in many colors,the polywood slats can be produced with many colors.
3,Not painted or stained required.
4,it requires low maintenance during the time of use.Unlike natural wood that need to have treatment each time of use.
5,Poly furniture can withstand harsh weather.
6, Poly patio furniture lasts for 30-50 years.


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